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The Georgia Tech application: The application and admission for Georgia Tech is processed and overseen by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Georgia Tech. To be eligible for a Scheller Scholarship for Freshmen, all guidelines that apply to the application deadlines for freshman admission apply to Scheller College of Business Scholarships for freshmen as well. Submitting your application to Georgia Tech is not binding in any way.

Students at Scheller

To be considered as a candidate for a Scheller Scholarship for Freshmen, a student must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be an entering Business Administration freshman for the Atlanta campus (transfer students are not eligible)
  • Attend one on-campus interview event if selected as a semi-finalist for either scholarship.
  • Apply for admission to Georgia Tech by October 15.
  • Submit a Georgia Tech application for freshman admission by October 15. The semifinalist selection for Scheller College of Business Scholarships for freshmen are based only on the Georgia Tech freshman admission application.  You should take great care to ensure thoroughness, high quality and accuracy to this application. 
  • Select Business Administration as your intended major on the GT application for freshman admission.
  • There is no separate scholarship application for a Scheller Scholarship for Freshmen.
  • Factors such as financial need, gender, ethnicity, state of residence, and legacy status are not considered.

Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admission for the GT Freshman Application

Those selected as a semifinalist will be invited to interview for a Scheller College of Business scholarship. Successful applicants should demonstrate excellent grades in their schools’ most challenging courses, a strong work ethic, exceptional communication skills, outstanding personal achievements, leadership outside the classroom, a demonstrated interested in business, a strong essay in the GT application, and excellent standardized test scores.

Read about the interview on the semifinalist event page.

Students selected to interview as semifinalists must submit a resume. This information will be communicated via e-mail to those selected to interview. Semifinalist are welcome to use the Scheller College of Business resume template when submitting their resume, but it is not a required format.

Scheller College of Business Scholarship Semifinalist Resume Template

Scheller College of Business Scholarship Semifinalist Resume Template Instructions