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If the answer to your question is not listed in the FAQ's below, please contact Craig Womack
Can I be a President’s Scholar and a Dean’s Scholar?
The President’s Scholarship Program is the most prestigious scholarship program for all Georgia Tech freshmen, regardless of major. The Dean’s Scholarships are exclusively for exceptional Business Administration freshmen. All Business Administration applicants who apply for admission by their appropriate Early Action deadline (October 15th for Georgia Students, November 2nd for non-Georgia students) will be considered for both the President’s Scholarship and a Scheller Dean's Scholarship. Prospective students are encouraged to interview for both scholarships if chosen, however, students may not be awarded more than the cost of attendence through GT scholarships and awards. Therefore, depending on the dollar amount awarded, students may not be able to earn both scholarships. For an estimated cost of attendance at Georgia Tech, please visit
Can I be in the Honors Program and the Dean’s Scholarship program?
Yes, students may participate in Scheller College of Business scholarship programs and the Honors Program at Georgia Tech, though acceptance to one does not guarantee acceptance to the other.  Please visit the Honors Program webpage for more information.
What are the deadlines to be considered for the Dean’s Scholarship?

An entering freshman for the Atlanta Georgia Tech campus must apply for admission to Georgia Tech by their appropriate Early Action deadline (October 15th for Georgia Students, November 2nd for non-Georgia students) to be considered as a candidate for the Scheller College of Business Dean's Scholarship.

Applying for the Scheller College of Business Dean’s Scholarship is easy: simply complete and submit a Georgia Tech Application for Freshman Admission their appropriate Early Action deadline (October 15th for Georgia Students, November 2nd for non-Georgia students). There is no separate Scheller scholarship application. A Georgia Tech application form can be completed online at

If I am selected as a Dean's Scholarship candidate, do I have to participate in an interview?

Yes. All candidates for the Dean’s Scholarship must participate in and interview events at the Scheller College of Business.

Please note: we are still planning the 2021 Dean's Scholarship Events and will make a decision on their format (in-person or virtual) later in the Fall 2020 semester.

During this on-campus event, candidates are interviewed by alumni, faculty and/or staff. Candidates and their guests will also meet with current students and a tour of the business building. Current students will share about their experiences in the Business Administration program and all of Georgia Tech.Candidates and guests will also have the opportunity to learn more about the degree, major concentrations and special opportunities within the Scheller College of Business.

If I am selected as a candidate, should my parent or legal guardian attend the semifinalist event?

Yes. Each candidate is encouraged to bring one guest to the semifinalist event. During these on-campus events, candidates are interviewed while guests have a separate program to attend. Since a lot of information is shared at this event, having a guest with you helps you to keep track of inforamtion and gives you someone to talk with about your experience after the event.

Is applying to Georgia Tech by the Dean’s Scholarship deadline binding in any way?

No, applying early to Georgia Tech in no way binds you to attend Georgia Tech, if accepted. You will have until May 1 to choose to enroll at GT and accept a Scheller scholarship, if selected.

Are their special stipulations for continuing to receive the Dean’s Scholarship?

Yes. There are requirements to retain the Dean’s Scholarship during your undergraduate program.  

Please see these in detail on the webpages for current Dean's and Faculty Merit Scholars.