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MBA Core & Elective Courses

MBA core courses are your academic foundation, and the breadth of electives provide the flexibility to tailor your MBA education around specific career goals and interests.

MBA Curriculum 1
MBA Curriculum 2
MBA Curriculum 3

You'll begin our MBA program with core courses that provide a solid foundation in the functional areas of business, preparing you to get the most out of your elective coursework.

The core curriculum consists of 21 semester hours (12 courses). View core courses for each academic area below.

Gain a deeper knowledge base or a broader perspective on the different areas of business. Choose 33 hours of electives (11 courses) including one required international business course.

Flexibility is a hallmark of the Georgia Tech MBA program. You can customize your education and take elective courses across multiple academic areas or develop expertise in specific areas with MBA concentrations and MBA immersive tracks in leading innovation.

Whatever route you decide to take, we encourage you to think strategically to devise a program of study that will best meet your long-term professional goals. MBA Program Office staff will advise you on customizing the MBA curriculum and help you plan your path to success in your chosen field.

MBA concentrations provide students with a clear roadmap of elective requirements to develop expertise in specific business areas. Students pursuing concentrations will take nine hours of electives (three courses) that count toward the required 33 hours of electives. You may choose one or more concentrations from a variety of functional and interdisciplinary business areas.

MBA immersive tracks in leading innovation provide more depth and combine academic coursework with practical, hands-on projects with companies and supplement in-class activities with co-curricular activities. Students pursuing immersive tracks will take 12 hours of electives (four courses) that count toward the required 33 hours of electives. Each immersive track includes a required practicum course in which students work on a real project with a world-class company or novel startup.

Concentrations and immersive tracks are optional. You also have the flexibility to take electives in any combination of areas to meet your goals. View core courses and electives for each area below.

Course information is subject to change.