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Class Profile

Admission Statistics

New Students Enrolled 167
Middle 80% Work Experience 2.5-10.5 Years (Average 6.5 Years)
Average Age 30
Average Undergraduate GPA 3.4
Women 41%
Underrepresented U.S. Minorities 22%
Double Jackets* 20%
Middle 80% GMAT Score Range 570-700 (Average 630)
Middle 80% GRE Quantitative Score Range** 156-166 (Average 159)
Middle 80% GRE Verbal Score Range** 155-165 (Average 158)
Executive Assessment (EA) Average Score*** 152

*Double Jackets: Georgia Tech Undergraduates
**GRE verbal and quantitative scores in the 80% range and at least one score above the average.
***The Exeuctive Assessment is only available to applicants with five years of post-graduate work experience 

Educational Backgrounds

Undergraduate Degrees:
Business/Economics 49%
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Humanities/Social Sciences 9%

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