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The QCF program admits for both the spring and fall semesters, with start dates in January and August respectively. Decisions are typically released 8-12 weeks following the deadline by which you apply.

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Fast Track – Students enrolled in the fast track would matriculate in the spring and graduate in December to complete the degree in 1 year versus 1.5 years. This is ideal for students, both domestic and international, with full-time professional work experience that do not wish to pursue an internship while enrolled in the program. Students would instead take summer classes to accelerate completion of the degree.

We take a holistic approach when reviewing applications, with each component evaluated carefully. This allows us to gain a "big picture" glance of each candidate's profile and admit those we know will be successful leaders. Additionally, since communication skills are so essential to a successful career, candidates may be invited to interview in person or by Skype, depending on location.

Work experience is not required to be admitted to the QCF program. Internship experience is strongly preferred.

Each candidate for the QCF program must have a strong undergraduate quantitative academic history. Through transcripts, applicants must demonstrate a working knowledge of: calculus, including differential and integral calculus of one variable and multivariate calculus, fundamentals of linear algebra and linear systems of equations, differential equations, and probability and statistics. We also prefer that candidates have a working knowledge of a programming language, such as C, C++, R, SAS, etc.

Financing Your Degree

Invest in a high-quality education at an affordable value. Georgia Tech's QCF tuition is among the lowest when compared with peer programs, particularly when factoring in the reasonable cost of living in Atlanta.

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Class Profile

Gain multiple viewpoints and start to think more strategically about the global economy through diversity in the classroom.

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International Applicants

Candidates that are neither US citizens nor US Permanent Residents are considered international applicants.

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