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Law & Ethics

Law serves an important role in the national and international business environments by providing the rules of the road. Informed decision-making requires knowledge of the foundations of the American and international legal systems, including contract law, property law, business formation, and many other areas.

Current Areas of Research
  • International trade and commerce
  • International commercial activities and human rights
  • Effect of emotions on work-related behaviors
  • Organizational consequences of human resources practices
  • Intellectual property, data privacy and security
Law and Ethics Faculty
Profile image for Karie Davis-Nozemack
Karie Davis-Nozemack
  • Associate Professor
Profile image for Deven Desai
Deven Desai
  • Area Coordinator
  • Associate Professor
Profile image for Lucien Dhooge
Lucien Dhooge
  • Professor
  • Professorship
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Arn Rubinoff
  • Senior Lecturer
Profile image for Steve Salbu
Steve Salbu
  • Professor
  • Chairholder
Profile image for Peter Swire
Peter Swire
  • Professor
  • Chairholder