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International Management

Offered through the Georgia Tech Center for International  Business Education and Research (CIBER), this certificate allows graduate students to focus on the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively pursue a career in international business, international investment, or global operations.

Special emphasis is given to functional foreign language capability, as well at the capacity to understand the dynamic economic, cultural, political, and legal forces shaping international trade, investment, and technology transfer.

Curriculum and Requirements

The successful completion of:

MGT 6185 -  International Business Environment
MGT 6070 -  International Finance
MGT 6335 - International Marketing
One elective course, selected in consultation with an academic advisor.

Demonstrable functional proficiency in at least one foreign language, early in the program.  

An overseas experience, lasting from 3 to 6 months, in a country corresponding to his or her language of specialization. This overseas experience may consist of one of the following:

  • A period of study of not less than one quarter at a partner business school for which the equivalent course credit will be granted.
  • An internship in a foreign firm or organization or overseas subsidiary of an American corporation arranged by Georgia Tech or through one of our partner universities.
  • A combination of the above two, sequentially or concurrently.
International Management Certificate Application

Contact at Georgia Tech CIBER with questions about this certificiate.