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Engineering Entrepreneurship

Non-business graduate students in any program at Georgia Tech may take the courses offered as part of this certificate. The certificate will be awarded by the Institute for Leadership Social Impact. The program is open only to engineering students who have successfully completed the program requirements and earn a graduate degree from one of Georgia Tech's degree granting academic units.

This Certificate will also satisfy the minor requirements for the Georgia Tech PhD degree.

This certificate is not available to business students.

Business students interested in a certificate program should refer to the requirements for the non-engineering focused Certificate in Entrepreneurship for MBAs offered through the Scheller College of Business.

Students are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 across all four courses to qualify for the Certificate. Students should have no more than one C in any of the courses required for the Certificate. The credit requirements for obtaining the Certificate for Engineering Entrepreneurship for Non-business students are 12 semester hours. Please note that these courses are popular and may not be offered every term. There are no guarantees that courses will be open. The Certificate is not designed to be completed in a single term.

Required Courses

Note: These two courses and one of the suggested electives, 6799 - Legal Issues in Engineering Entrepreneurship, are cross-listed under MGT and ME.

6753 - Principles of Management for Engineers
This course should be taken before the other courses. If you do not follow this order, the professor may ask you to drop the other courses.

6667 - Strategic Entrepreneurship
This capstone course should be taken after the other courses.


Two electives are required for the certificate.

MGT 6000 - Financial and Managerial Accounting I
MGT 6028 - Financial Reporting Tech Firms
MGT 6059 - Analysis of Emerging Technologies
MGT 6060 - Financial Management
MGT 6078 - Finance and Investments
MGT 6086 - Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity
MGT 6101 - Managing Human Resources
MGT 6106 - Teamwork in Organizations
MGT 6111 - Innovation and Entrepreneur Behavior
MGT 6176 - Managing the Growing Firm
MGT 6198 - Corporate Entrepreneurship for Global Competitiveness
MGT 6306 - Business to Business Marketing
MGT 6325 - Product Planning
MGT 6326 - Collaborative Product Development
MGT 6359 - Business Strategies for Sustainability
MGT 6772 - Managing Resources of the Technological Firm
MGT 6773 - Strategic Management of Technology-Based Venture
MGT 6799 - Legal Issues in Engineering Entrepreneurship

After completion of the courses, please provide a hard-copy of your web transcript showing the grades from the required four courses to  (404.894.7408), administrative assistant for Dr. Ku, and fill out the Certificate request.

Program for Engineering Entrepreneurship