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Accounting is the language of business, the scoreboard which measures operational success and failure. Used by managers within the firm, accounting provides the information necessary to make effective decisions in the international marketplace.

Current Areas of Research
  • Accounting choices, investor behavior, and market prices
  • Analysts’ earnings forecasts and investors’ use of such forecasts
  • Managers’ earnings guidance
  • Auditor judgment and decision-making
  • CPA firms’ peer/quality reviews
  • The effects of accounting standards on investment and credit decision-making
  • Information dissemination and market prices
  • Internal auditor judgments
  • Investor and managerial decision-making,using techniques from applied game theory,experimental economics, and psychology
  • The transparency of accounting information
  • The role of psychological factors in corporate evaluation and compensation practices
  • Ethics in managerial accounting contexts
Accounting Faculty
Profile image for Ryan Blunck
Ryan Blunck
  • Lecturer
Profile image for Eric Condie
Eric Condie
  • Assistant Professor
Profile image for Jason Kuang
Jason Kuang
  • Professor
  • PhD Coordinator
Profile image for Nikki MacKenzie
Nikki MacKenzie
  • Assistant Professor
Profile image for Robbie Moon
Robbie Moon
  • Associate Professor
Profile image for Kathy Rupar-Wang
Kathy Rupar-Wang
  • Assistant Professor
Profile image for Arnold Schneider
Arnold Schneider
  • Area Coordinator
  • Professor
Profile image for Jane Thayer
Jane Thayer
  • Associate Professor
Profile image for Deborah Turner
Deborah Turner
  • Associate Professor