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Congratulations on being close to graduation!

There will be several occasions when you are asked to open a webpage in a new window to complete a step of the graduation procedures. Please make sure to open all webpages in a new window and leave this form open.

If you are currently at a Graduation Made Easy meeting, you will submit this form right now with the advisors present to answer any questions you may have.

All business students planning to graduate Summer or Fall 2016, need to submit this form (the Scheller Notification of Intent to Graduate) and complete all the included steps no later than Tuesday, February 23rd. Please allow adequate time to complete this questionnaire, which includes a few embedded steps. Once you have completed this form, you will be directed to a confirmation page with information about required next steps! Submitting this form alone will not result in graduating.

Make sure to read through the form carefully and read information on the Confirmation & Next Steps page!

* Denotes a required field
Degree Candidate Information
ACTION - Please login to Degreeworks NOW!

(BSM vs BSBA) - If your major is listed as MGT, but degree is listed as BSBA, that is okay.

ACTION - Go back to Degreeworks NOW!

If yes, answer "Yes" and proceed to the next question.

If NO, declare your concentration right now, then answer this question. (i.e. Your answer should be "Yes", because it was either already declared or you just declared it.)

    1. Login to Buzzport
    2. Select OSCAR/Registration
    3. Select Student Services & Financial Aid, then Student Records, then Change Program of Study
    4. Listed on this screen will be your current major. Select the button next to your BSBA program of study, and click Select Program
    5. Choose your concentration from the drop down menu, and click Submit Changes
    6. Click Done and you will return to the mail screen displaying your current program(s) of study.
Georgia Tech Online Application for Graduation

The Registrar's Office requires all graduates to complete the official Georgia Tech Online Application for Graduation. The Online Application for Graduation is currently available. After submitting this form, you will view a confirmation page that outlines your NEXT STEPS! Submitting this form alone will not allow you to graduate. You will submit the Online Application for Graduation IMMEDIATELY after submitting this form. Do you understand that you must immediately complete the Online Application for Graduation after clicking "Submit" at the bottom of this form?

Post Graduation mailing address (if you don't know, put your family's permanent address)
Your CURRENT course schedule
  • All management classes MUST be taken for a letter-grade (A, B, C…). Only free electives may be taken on a pass/fail (S/U) basis.
  • There are limits to the number of credits students can take on a pass/fail basis. To find the exact number of pass/fail credits you can take go to:
  • Audit credit is not degree eligible credit, which means courses taken on an audit basis cannot satisfy any degree requirements. Usually internships and co-op's are registered as audit credit. 
Career Information
Graduate School
Business Certificates
  • Completing a certificate is optional for both BSM and BSBA students.
  • Courses for each certificate are listed here
  • Courses used to fulfill one certificate cannot be used to fulfill a second certificate.
  • Courses used to fulfill any GT minor (including the Engineering & Management minor) cannot be used to fulfill a certificate.
Minors and International Plan


If you are pursuing a minor, you are required to submit paperwork prior to your graduation application being evaluated.

  1. Login into DegreeWorks. Is your minor displayed in your degree information?
    • If your minor is not displayed, you need to submit a minor change/addition form.
    • In order to complete this form, you will need to meet with your minor advisor.
  2. Minor Program of Study Form
    • All students pursuing a minor are required to submit a minor program of study form. This form outlines the courses you plan to use to satisfy your minor.
    • In order to complete this form, you will need to meet with you minor advisor.
    • Please complete the minor program of study form and submit it to the CoB room 322 prior to the graduation procedures deadline.

International Plan

If you are pursuing the International Plan, you are required to submit paperwork prior to your graduation application being evaluation.

You will need to meet with the International Plan advisor and complete the IP Degree Designation form. Submit the IP Degree Designation form to the Scheller Undergraduate Office.

  • Set up an appointment with an advisor in the International Plan office by emailing
  • Download the IP Degree Designation form and bring it to the IP meeting: /forms/
Two Last Questions
See details of 36-hour rule