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Jeffrey Hales Discusses SASB’s Position in the Evolution of Accounting Toward ESG Issues

In a recent episode of Jumpstart, a podcast from Bloomberg Financial Accounting, Dr. Jeffrey Hales, Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Accounting Professor and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Chair, discusses the SASB’s global mission and positioning since the recent codification of the first-ever industry-specific sustainability accounting standards. Ingraining environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into financial reporting can benefit economies worldwide, he claims.

“Money will go to where it is best managed,” says Hales, describing the SASB’s mission to help companies identify the biggest issues and risks they face. The interview includes references to the organization’s history to address ESG issues on a global scale and his recommendation that companies link ESG reporting to their business strategy with oversight at the board and executive level. Hales also reveals details of the SASB’s latest organizational moves to diversify its leadership, expand its global perspective, and communicate with other regulatory agencies worldwide. Finally, Hales shares his thoughts on the evolution of accounting, shifting from what companies have and owe today to the risks and opportunities of tomorrow.

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