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Scheller Faculty Featured in Recent Media Op-Eds

Scheller Faculty Featured in Recent Media Op-Eds
Environment and Finance

Two recent sustainability-focused op-eds featured Scheller faculty in Corporate Knights and Environmental Leader.

Corporate Knights (July 3, 2019) featured Scheller College associate professor Karie Davis-Nozemack in an article titled "It’s time we see paying taxes as a sustainability issue." Davis-Nozemack explores taxes as an issue of sustainability and that “the problem of tax avoidance is similar to that of overfishing, air pollution, and other so-called ‘collective action problems.’”

Environmental Leader (May 20, 2019) featured Scheller College Professor and Alton M. Costley Chair Sudheer Chava in “How SRI Has Changed the Business Case for Environmental Investments.” Chava reviews the research on the emergence of socially responsible investing (SRI) changing the debt and equity landscape within companies such that companies with fewer environmental concerns have a significantly lower cost of capital.

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