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Social Impact Fellow Reflection: Varuni Chopra (Beautiful Curly Me)

Female student sitting outside looking at the camera

Social Impact Fellow, Varuni Chopra

This spring, I was thankful to be selected as a Social Impact Fellow by the Georgia Tech

Institute of Leadership and Social Impact. This opportunity allowed me to work with
Beautiful Curly Me, an inspiring nonprofit dedicated to nurturing self-confidence and
leadership among young girls. Their initiative, the Youth Mean Business program, stood
out to me for its commitment to empowering young minds through entrepreneurial
education, echoing my own values of innovation and inclusivity.

As a student majoring in Industrial Engineering and Data Analytics, I wanted an

experience that would allow me to apply analytical skills and process optimization
principles to social ventures. The fellowship was an ideal match, merging my academic
focus with the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the community.

My involvement with the organization has been multifaceted, focusing specifically on the

strategic planning of the 2024 Youth Mean Business Accelerator. My tasks ranged from
planning the day-to-day program schedule, designing data-driven pitch decks to secure
corporate sponsorships, to innovating our digital presence through targeted social
media and LinkedIn content strategies.

Overall, the experience has been incredibly fulfilling. From Monday morning team

meetings, to working with Evana and Zoe, I have loved every part of this internship. The
opportunity to engage with a team of like-minded individuals, committed to making a
difference, has been a great source of inspiration and learning.

This fellowship has not only broadened my professional horizons but has also
deepened my commitment to leveraging technology and data for social good. I look
forward to continuing this journey and witnessing the lasting impact of our collaborative
efforts on empowering young girls and entrepreneurs.

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