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Social Impact Fellow Reflection: Sophia Aslam (In Good Company)

Sophia Aslam

During my time as a Social Impact Fellow at In Good Company, I, as an industrial engineer, was driven by a mission to integrate exceptional job seekers into workplaces where they're supported to thrive. This journey was filled with both challenges and achievements, notably learning to navigate HubSpot for our marketing efforts and stepping out of my comfort zone to establish key connections.

One of my main tasks involved conducting research on the hospitality industry and special education systems, using analytical frameworks and AI tools. This work aimed at identifying strategies to reduce unemployment among adults with disabilities, contributing to more inclusive employment practices.

The challenges I faced, such as mastering new technology and building new partnerships, were invaluable learning opportunities. They taught me the importance of adaptability and effective communication in achieving social impact.

Reflecting on my internship, I see a journey of growth and impact. It was an opportunity to contribute to a cause I deeply care about and to develop skills that will stay with me as I continue to advocate for inclusive employment.

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