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Social Impact Fellow Reflection: Dhrumi Shah (Umi Feeds)

Dhrumi Shah

Navigating the realms of International Affairs and Business Administration as a double major, my
quest for diverse career experiences led me to the captivating realm of social impact. Stepping into the
role of a Social Impact Fellow and immersing myself in an internship with Umi Feeds, I dove headfirst
into a uniquely enriching experience. While my academic focus may not be centered on
communications, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I’ve gained skills that can be translated into
numerous future roles.

As an intern with Umi Feeds, my journey began on the digital canvas. Armed with Canva designs,
I embarked on a mission to visually amplify the organization's message. With each graphic, I aimed to
spread Umi Feeds' remarkable message. From brochure to flyers, I created content that she could pass
out to help more people understand her mission and join her cause, whether it be through volunteering,
donating, or just helping spread the word.

While this internship was mainly virtual, I was able to actively participate in one of their
volunteer days at the Safehouse and witness firsthand the tangible impact of their mission. Although the
act of scooping food into takeaway boxes may not seem big, I got to see the amount of food that was
saved from ending up in a landfill and the amount of people the boxes helped which was a truly
gratifying experience that I hope to do again.

All in all, I am truly thankful to be a part of the Social Impact Fellowship again because they have
continued to provide me with opportunities to do impactful work outside of myself which I otherwise
may not have been able to do. I also would love to thank Umi/Erica and Umi Feeds for allowing me to be
a part of their organization and try to also have a positive impact on the community.

The Institute for Leadership and Social Impact is an interdisciplinary institute that promotes servant leadership and social innovation that contribute to a more just, caring, and equitable world. Learn more about our Social Impact Fellows program.

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