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Social Impact Fellow Reflection: Aabid Quraishi (In Good Company)

Aabid Quraishi

Embarking on an internship with In Good Company (IGC) plunged me into the vibrant heart of startup culture, where technology meets social impact to champion the empowerment of disabled individuals in the workforce. Founded by Georgia Tech MBAs Amanda Shojaee and Sarah Naumann, IGC pioneers inclusive employment, striving to bridge the employment gap for individuals with disabilities. Their mission resonates with a vision of a diverse workforce where every individual's potential is recognized and nurtured. This journey has been an eye-opening experience, revealing the power of innovation and dedication to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace for all.

My Role at IGC

As an intern, my responsibilities spanned website administration, data analysis, automations, email notifications, and marketing – essentially, anything and everything that could streamline IGC's job platform. As a computational media major, this role offered me a panoramic view of how technology can drive social change, especially in creating equitable job opportunities.

The Projects That Shaped My Experience

  1. Website User Experience Optimization:
    I evaluated and enhanced the website's usability, focusing on improving message clarity and navigation. Key recommendations included highlighting critical keywords and streamlining user pathways to simplify interactions.
  2. Job Report Tracker Development:
    I developed a comprehensive job report tracker using Google Sheets and AppScript, integrating tools like Grabify and for in-depth analytics. This allowed us to monitor job popularity and user engagement, providing valuable insights for strategic planning.
  3. Employers Community Page and Course Creation:
    I established an exclusive Employers Community page to facilitate knowledge sharing among employers and developed a detailed job posting course. This course covered everything from crafting inclusive job listings to mastering the recruitment process, complete with multimedia resources.
  4. Streamlining the Job Posting Process:
    I streamlined the job posting process with an initial onboarding form for employers, followed by a final form submission step. This included clear calls to action on the website, ensuring a smooth transition for employers from onboarding to posting.
  5. Process Automation:
    By leveraging Zapier, I automated both internal and external processes, including form submissions, email confirmations, and database updates. This enhanced operational efficiency and ensured comprehensive communication and record-keeping.
  6. Advanced Job Sheet and Job Library Development:
    I created an advanced job sheet to manage employer data and used SheettoSite to convert this data into a public-facing job library. The job board was refined with custom CSS and plugins, showcasing job listings in an accessible and professional manner, facilitating direct applications through the IGC site.

Reflecting on the Journey and Looking Forward

My internship at In Good Company Works was a profound chapter in my personal and professional development. Working under Amanda's mentorship, I was pushed to new heights, gaining not just technical skills but also a deeper appreciation for the importance of inclusivity in the workplace. The experience was demanding, yet incredibly rewarding, teaching me the value of hard work, innovation, and the power of technology to drive social change.

As I transition to new ventures, armed with valuable insights and experiences from IGC, I am more committed than ever to leveraging technology for social impact. This internship wasn’t just about the work done; it was about growth, impact, and the endless possibilities that arise when we strive to make a difference. To those embarking on a similar path, embrace the journey with open arms and a willing heart. The lessons learned and the impact made will undoubtedly shape your future for the better.

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