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Business Analytics Center Hosts Tableau Zen Master, Mark Jackson

Business Analytics Center hosts Tableau Zen Master, Mark Jackson

Business Analytics Center hosts Tableau Zen Master, Mark Jackson

Data Visualization:

Presentation by Mark Jackson, Tableau Zen Master, Piedmont Healthcare

The Business Analytics Center at Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech, recently hosted Tableau Zen Master, Mark Jackson, Director of Business Intelligence at Piedmont Healthcare. 

His session was intended to encourage the use, criticality, and possible impact of data on strategic direction and decision-making.  His talk especially hit home with those in the data, analytics, and insights field, but even those not heavily entrenched in data, maybe those poking around and considering the possibilities, were enlightened.

Mark talked through his journey at Piedmont, about how he first had to more fully realize the need for a solution, and help drive Piedmont to be a more data driven culture.  His inspirational spirit undoubtedly helped him influence others to think about data in a new way.  He and his team built an entire Business Intelligence platform from the ground up at Piedmont, which is impressive enough, but truly Mark accomplished much more than the tactical and technical side of a BI solution.  Through this work, his team culturally transformed an entire organization to recognize the importance of a solution, understand its meaning, and not just accept but truly embrace the process and solution in a way to trust data enough to drive decision-making and make data central to Piedmont’s strategic direction.

Thanks to Piedmont Healthcare for allowing us to hear from Tableau Zen Master, Mark Jackson, and thanks to Tableau for sponsoring the session attended by corporate leaders, as well as Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and students.

“The session was very meaningful, and I had several big takeaways.  We use a data visualization tool but more for analytic exploration.  My vision for 2016 is to push more analytics deeper in the org and Piedmont has already done that.  His instrumentation for usage / data quality / server speed as well as the types of visualizations were interesting and encouraged me to think differently.”

~ Pete Johnson, Executive Director – Marketing Advanced Analytics, AT&T

“My boss and I had a great time.  The presentation was highly informative, and I learned new ways to visualize data that I had not considered.”

~ Itti Chopra, Information Technology Intern, Georgia-Pacific LLC

“Mark Jackson offered thrilling insights into Tableau and inspired us at MedSide to explore further the world of data visualization.  His presentation opened new possibilities as to how we at MedSide could collect, collaborate, and present our ever growing data.  Beverly Wright and the amazing folks at the Scheller College of Business and the Business Analytics Center facilitated an exciting and professional look at the cutting edge data visualization made possible by Tableau.  I look forward to learning about and attending more events in the future.”

~ Victor Vaysman, CEO, Medside Healthcare

“Staring at data all day can be about as exciting as corn flakes without milk!  Mark's presentation on data visualization helps business leaders and data gurus communicate in a way that BOTH get what they need.  The number crunchers get out the information timely while the business leaders SEE the data in a way that affects the bottom line."

~ Jim Killgore, Strategic Marketing Executive & Non-Profit CSO, BG Ad Group

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