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The Business Analytics Center at Azul Motorsports

Business Analytics Center hosts Panel Discussion

Business Analytics Center hosts Panel Discussion

The Business Analytics Center recently hosted a Community of Practice Event involving a few of the center’s Executive Council members and special guests at Azul Motorsports. CONA, Anthem, Axis Group, and Coke all sent representatives who were happy to be able to enjoy racing around the track with a professional driver, while also discussing upcoming events for the Business Analytics Center.

The event was designed to foster greater camaraderie and connection among Business Analytics Executive Council Members. Though fun was had on the race track, the Executive Council Members also had the opportunity to discuss challenges, experiences, trends and allowed everyone to learn from each other in a unique and creative way.

A main objective was to have the Executive Council Members form connections a part of one large community working together to support the data and analytics function. I observed as members of CONA, Anthem, Coke and Axis Group discussed the upcoming Business Analytics Forum – topics of interest, types of speakers and other ways to engage and work together.

The Community of Practice event was just the right amount of fun, business, and collaboration between Executive Council Members, and a fantastic final event for 2016.

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