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Business Analytics Think Tank Roundtable- HR & Workforce Analytics

The Business Analytics Center recently held the Business Analytics Think Tank Roundtable dinner event, presented by <hackd/>
Business Analytics Think Tank Roundtable - HR and Workforce Analytics

Business Analytics Think Tank Roundtable - HR and Workforce Analytics

The Business Analytics Center recently hosted the Business Analytics Think Tank Roundtable - HR and Workforce Analytics, sponsored by <hackd/>. This was the fourth of roundtable dinner events focused on collaborative knowledge sharing on the application of analytics. The event encourages participants to learn more about analytics applications, while also connecting with others. Around 120 professionals from human resources, industrial-organizational psychology, data, analytics, and other functional areas took part in the event.

Keith Jackson, Human Resources Vice President at AT&T, served as keynote speaker for this Business Analytics Think Tank Roundtable. Dr. Brian Swider, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at Georgia Tech, led the roundtable conversations as our Head Discussion Lead.  Others involved include Business Analytics Club officer, Rachel Wiseley, heading up the volunteers from our bright students from the Business Analytics Club, and several Discussion Leads, trained by Dr. Swider and strategically positioned throughout the room to encourage discussion.

Keith Jackson, a Georgia Tech graduate, talked abut the importance of using data to gain insights for more informed workforce decisions. While Keith believes that data can improve, he stressed that other factors can play a role in improving this process, and better data alone isn't enough.

Keith discussed how he sees the journey we all take part in to optimize our decision making abilities through data science. He highlighted the critical nature of empirical evaluation and data-inspired solutions and decisions. Keith discussed the moments that can results from simply detecting the problems within an organization, and how decision-makers can leverage analytical techniques for solving them. 

Keith shared an example of data analytics in Human Resources called Rule 75. This rule states that when the number of years someone has worked reaches 75, they are eligible to retire with all of their benefits, but some have stayed in place and choose to wait to retire. Data can help to find the best time is for someone to retire, thus helping HR to plan and adjust accordingly. Other examples include data that helps HR to understand trigger points and ways to retrain the best employees, and how to keep staff updated on industry trends and skills.

Keith ended his discussion highlighting the importance of analytics by explaining that spending for analytics-based human resources is expected to rise, and he underscored the need for analytics in HR now more than ever in order to increase our return on human capital investment. 

After learning about HR and Workforce Analytics with Keith Jackson, attendees were grouped into teams, each with a Discussion Lead. Teams were given topics to discuss among themselves at the guidance of their discussion leaders. Dr. Brian Swider shared his insights and personal experiences with the teams, as the teams presented their thoughts, challenges, and ideas with the group. Participants appeared immersed in the topic, and commented on the amount and depth of their learning.

The evening ended with many thanks to participants, discussion leaders, speakers and our sponsor. <hackd/> Partner Joe Thiel gave away tickets in a drawing to the first game of Atlanta United, our local soccer team. We are hopeful that participants were able to create new connections, learn from our expert speakers, and have a great time. Thank you to everyone who participated, from the Business Analytics Center.


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