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Seventh Annual Marketing Innovation Conference Focuses on Intersection of AI and Marketing

The seventh annual Marketing Innovation Conference @ Scheller successfully brought together students, alumni, faculty, and Atlanta's business community members, for conversations on marketing during the age of AI disruption.
Participants in the 2024 Marketing Innovation Conference.

The seventh annual Marketing Innovation Conference @ Scheller focused marketing success in the age of AI.

The seventh annual Marketing Innovation Conference @ Scheller took place on February 23, uniting students, alumni, faculty, and Atlanta's business community for an enriching afternoon filled with groundbreaking presentations on marketing during the age of AI disruption. This year's event showcased a remarkable array of speakers, with industry giants and innovation leaders such as The Home Depot, The Coca-Cola Company, BIP Ventures, 37X Digital Marketing Agency, Human Pilots, Airbnb, and eBay represented.

Year after year, the conference emerges as a pivotal event, spotlighting the most current marketing trends, groundbreaking innovations, and strategies for utilizing technology to boost marketing outcomes. It provides attendees a unique chance to gain insights directly from some of the foremost brands as they redefine the landscape of marketing. Beyond insights, the conference serves as an invaluable platform for networking, offering opportunities to both marketing students and professionals in the Atlanta area to connect and share ideas.

In an effort to enhance interaction and engagement among participants, this year’s conference introduced a new format featuring breakout rooms. Following the keynote speaker, participants were able to choose one of two tracks to attend before reconvening for the concluding session.

The success of this year's conference was made possible through a collaborative effort between the MBA Marketing Club and its sponsorship partners, including the Georgia Tech Business Analytics Center.

Marketing Success Amidst AI Disruption

Because of the transformative impact AI is set to have on our personal and professional spheres, this year's conference dedicated itself to unpacking the pathways through which marketers can cultivate career resilience. It offered insights into leveraging AI as a strategic asset to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

The conference commenced with opening remarks from Dean Anuj Mehrota and Dr. Timothy Halloran, a senior lecturer in Marketing at Scheller. Following the conference introduction, the event's keynote speaker, Molly Battin, chief marketing officer at The Home Depot, presented on the transformative potential of AI in reshaping the landscape of business. She delved into the latest advancements in AI tools and technologies, highlighting how these developments are poised to revolutionize business operations, strategies, and customer engagement and how they were being used at The Home Depot.

Following Battin's insightful keynote, the conference continued with thought-provoking presentations from Anthony Diaz, global director of the people function at The Coca-Cola Company, and Tami McQueen, chief marketing officer at BIP Ventures. They each explored the significant role AI plays in the evolution of marketing careers today.

Their discussions shed light on how AI is not just transforming the technological landscape but also reshaping the human resource needs of modern organizations. Diaz highlighted the ways in which AI influences the recruitment, training, and development of talent, emphasizing the need for professionals to adapt to these changes.

Meanwhile, McQueen focused on the strategic advantages AI offers in marketing, from data-driven decision-making to personalized customer experiences, underscoring the importance of leveraging AI to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Participants were also offered a series of workshops designed to enhance their AI skillset. Leading these sessions were led by Tenisha Griggs, the visionary founder and CEO of 37X Digital Marketing Agency, and Sarah Woodward and Sean Wood, the innovative minds behind Human Pilots.

Griggs delivered a compelling workshop titled "Predictive Analytics – Understanding What It Can and Cannot Do." With her extensive experience, including her previous role as VP at Terminus and AT&T, Griggs demystified predictive analytics, guiding attendees through its capabilities and limitations.

Following Griggs, Woodward and Wood co-presented "Building AI Strategies: From Zero to Go-to-Market in 60 Minutes." Woodward, serving as co-founder and head of growth, and Wood, the founder and AI transformation advisor of Human Pilots, shared their expertise on rapidly developing and implementing AI strategies. Their workshop provided a roadmap for participants to conceptualize, develop, and launch AI solutions within an ambitious timeframe.

As the conference drew to a close, attendees had the privilege of hearing from Raj Sivasubramanian, an esteemed customer experience leader with notable roles at Airbnb and eBay, and a proud alumnus of Georgia Tech. His session, titled “Keeping the Customer First – Transforming & Measuring the Customer Experience,” served as the capstone of the event.

Sivasubramanian shared his extensive expertise in customer experience, drawing from his rich background in leading customer-centric initiatives at two of the world's most customer-focused companies. He delved into the critical importance of placing the customer at the heart of business strategies, exploring innovative approaches to transforming and quantitatively measuring the customer experience.

The closing session not only encapsulated the conference's theme of innovation and transformation in the digital age but also equipped participants with practical strategies to elevate their customer experience. Sivasubramanian's blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world examples from his tenure at Airbnb and eBay provided a fitting conclusion to the conference, leaving attendees inspired to drive change within their own organizations.

Planning for next year’s conference and speakers begins soon. Those with an interest in sharing some of the innovative marketing activities they are working on are encouraged to contact Dr. Timothy Halloran at

Photos From 2024 Marketing Innovation Conference

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