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#SchellerAbroad: Georgia Tech MBAs Travel to Singapore, Czechia, and the Nordics

From exploring regional markets, to gaining hands-on consulting experience with international clients, students share their MBA International Practicum experiences, which not only broadened their global perspectives but also made lasting impacts on their careers.
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Full-time and Evening MBA students spent spring break immersing themselves in Singaporean culture and meeting with their international clients.

Over spring break, Georgia Tech MBA students departed from the usual holiday plans and embarked on journeys to Singapore, Czechia, and the Nordics to tackle business challenges specific to each region and learn from local stakeholders. Along the way, they were able to dive into each area’s distinctive culture.  

As an integral component of the MBA International Practicum course, Full-time and Evening MBA students undertook consulting projects for international clients, traveling overseas to engage with them firsthand and explore new perspectives before returning to Scheller to finalize their projects. Join us as we hear from seven MBA students describe their transformative experiences abroad.  


Peter Chen, Evening MBA ‘25 

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“The Singapore International Practicum course aligned with my personal, academic, and professional objectives. Growing up in Taiwan has given me a deep appreciation for Singapore's significant role in the Asian business landscape. 

From an educational perspective, this program seamlessly integrated with my Evening MBA coursework, providing an invaluable opportunity for hands-on business experience. I participated in a project with Castlery, a furniture company, and we explored the potential of entering the Atlanta market, which offered a rich learning experience. 

Overall, this program served as a crucial link connecting my educational endeavors, cultural background, and professional aspirations. It afforded me the opportunity for international consulting experience, expanded my worldview, and furthered my career development.” 

Tyler Kohman, Evening MBA ‘24 

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“I previously studied in Germany as a part of my MBA experience and saw the Singapore International Practicum as an opportunity to broaden my understanding of the world while working closely with a small business in developing their relationships to break into the Indonesian market.  

The most valuable experience from traveling to Singapore and Jakarta was meeting the local people and learning about their cultures, both personal and professional. The ASEAN region is quickly growing into a major player on the world stage full of opportunities amongst an array of lively and diverse cultures.  

I’m thankful for the chance to learn about these cultures early in my career from a fantastic professor and share this experience with wonderful classmates.” 

Brittany McCormick, Evening MBA ‘25 

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“One of my top reasons for joining the Scheller Evening MBA program was to enroll in the International Practicum class to sharpen my consulting skills and learn how to work with an international client. The Singapore International Practicum fulfilled those needs and gave me so, so much more.  

Professionally, I was able to work with a client in an industry that I had absolutely zero background knowledge in. This pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I learned so much alongside two incredible group members.  

Besides working on a project that was going to challenge me professionally, I chose the Singapore Practicum because I had never visited Asia before. I was so glad I got the chance to immerse myself in Singaporean culture and try all the delicious food the city had to offer. 

The most amazing part of the trip was expanding my Scheller community by getting to know the 13 other students in the class. I will remember our hawker market visits, the food tour, and our karaoke night for the rest of my life. I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to not only grow professionally, but also personally on this trip. 


Stephen Coterillo, Evening MBA ‘24 

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“I chose to enroll in the International Practicum because of the impact my undergraduate international internship had on me. I greatly enjoyed working internationally, so participating in the Practicum was a great way to gain more meaningful experience.  

I had the privilege of working closely with a Czech company, fortifying my understanding of the international business environment. Having the opportunity to visit my company’s Czechia and USA offices aided my understanding of how multinational businesses manage both domestic and international business affairs and strategy. 

The International Practicum provided me with great insight that I can use in my career. I highly recommend it for any students looking to expand their international business expertise.”

Meghan Flanigan, Full-time MBA ‘25 

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“I chose the International Practicum to gain experience working directly with a client on a project. I also wanted to get outside my comfort zone by choosing an industry and country in which I had no prior experience.  

After meeting remotely with an aerospace firm in Czechia, we had the opportunity to tour their manufacturing facility in-person and meet face-to-face with several team members. It was incredible to see the scope of their facility and how much pride they took in their work. The tour gave us insight into how their operations work here and in turn helped us narrow our focus in researching a U.S market entry strategy. It also gave us the opportunity to brainstorm with new team members and produce new ideas we had not previously explored.  

After this class, I can approach difficult situations or client requests with confidence that I can navigate any challenges. 

The Nordics 

Arian Morad Samiei, Evening MBA ‘24 

group of students outside“The Nordics International Practicum went beyond my expectations! The 25 or so of my Scheller group got to see the unique positives of the Nordic companies' actions towards sustainability, ethics, and diversity. The factory visits, the startup presentations, and the conversations amongst company leaders really opened up my eyes on what it truly means for ethical governance. I have to give a massive thank you to Professor Christopher Lars! He turned our A+ week into an S-Tier one!”  


Anthony Teachey, Full-time MBA ‘24 

Student posing next to boatI chose to participate in the Nordics International Practicum because I believed it would help me become a better leader at a multinational company one day. Consulting for Moonlighting Industries exposed me to challenges that are unique to conducting business in multiple countries. For example, their key product, Moon Smart Focus, is well known among directors of photography and assistant camera operators in the Nordics, but it has not yet taken off in the United States.

While in Sweden, each client presented to all the students before having a meeting with just their team. I was proud to see how each company was innovating and had made sustainability a core part of their business. As a class, we also visited a few cultural sites and museums. My favorite one was the Vasamuseet which houses a 396-year-old warship that is still composed of 98% of its original material even though it had spent 331 years underwater. 

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