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First Graduates of the Business Analytics Graduate Certificate Share Their Experience

Jimmie Hardin and Harpreet Hora are among the first graduates of the Business Analytics Graduate Certificate program. Tune in as they provide insights and tips about the online program.
Scheller MBA student using a laptop.

Data is everywhere, and there are infinite opportunities to leverage it. The 100% online Business Analytics Graduate Certificate at the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business teaches professionals how to prepare and interpret data to make more informed business decisions.

The first cohort recently graduated in December, and two students, Jimmie Hardin, director of analytics, infrastructure, and sustainability at Georgia Tech, and Harpreet Hora, budget services executive director for Atlanta Public Schools, share their experience about the online program. Learn how interacting with the faculty enriched their experience and how they’re applying the tools they learned directly to their careers.

Jimmie Hardin
Director of Analytics, Infrastructure, and Sustainability
Georgia Tech

Jimmie Hardin Video

Harpreet Hora
Budget Services Executive Director
Atlanta Public Schools

Harpreet Hora Video 

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