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Meet Three Double Jackets Who Returned to Tech for their MBAs

Three Double Jackets explain why they returned to Georgia Tech for their MBAs
Headshots of three MBA students

From left to right: Skye Blevins (Evening MBA ‘23), Yuval Safra (Full-time MBA ‘23), and Kiera Patterson (Full-time MBA ‘20)

Georgia Tech is a powerhouse of academic excellence and innovation, and the Scheller College of Business is no exception. Georgia Tech graduates are a part of a vibrant community of innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers. There is a special term for Tech alums who return to their alma mater for graduate degrees: Double Jackets.

We caught up with three Double Jackets who completed their undergraduate degrees at Georgia Tech and returned for their MBA to ask them about what brought them back, their favorite memories, and why they chose the Scheller MBA program.

Skye Blevins is a current Evening MBA student and a senior product development engineer at Newell Brands. Blevins graduated from Georgia Tech in 2018 with a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering degree. She currently serves on the Graduate Evening Management Student (GEMS) Executive Board and is a part of the Philanthropy Committee. 

“Georgia Tech shaped me into the person I am today, and I am forever grateful for my undergraduate years here that taught me valuable lessons in dedication, patience, and community,” said Blevins. “I knew, from personal experience, that the rigor of the curriculum at Georgia Tech would best prepare me to tackle the great business problems of today. Additionally, the caliber of people here is off the charts because Georgia Tech recruits the best and brightest in the world.”

With Scheller’s unwavering commitment to helping students achieve their goals, the program is open to all, regardless of background, work experience, or future aspirations.

Blevins notes "Without the incredible help and guidance of the fantastic people at the MBA career center, I wouldn’t have been able to get my dream job. I also think that every one of my classmates has helped me grow and pushed me to be better and reach my full potential"

Returning to Georgia Tech for an MBA also offers students the unique advantage of already being familiar with the campus and its traditions. Current Full-time MBA student Yuval Safra was not only familiar with Georgia Tech, he was already familiar with Scheller, having graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 2016.

“Knowing the campus and the traditions of Georgia Tech have helped me get back to a student mindset very quickly,” said Safra. “Returning to the same classrooms and meeting professors that taught me in undergrad and still remembered me helped me feel at home and excel academically.”

Safra notes, "If you want to advance or change your career path while making lifelong friends, the Scheller MBA program is the place for you. The skills and connections you'll gain through the program can help you take your career to the next level and achieve your professional goals.”

For Scheller MBA students, it’s not just about the classroom experience. Georgia Tech has a long tradition of tailgates before football games, and Scheller MBA students have continued that tradition, providing a unique opportunity to get to know their classmates and create impactful connections.

“My favorite moments at Georgia Tech have been hanging out with my cohort at the MBA tailgates before the football games. Having various social opportunities to get to know my classmates and create impactful connections with them is something I will benefit from for years to come. I truly made lifelong friends at Georgia Tech,” said Safra.

For many Double Jackets, the familiarity of returning to their alma mater provides a sense of comfort that allows them to dive into their studies and build strong relationships with their peers quickly.  Returning to Georgia Tech for an MBA provides opportunities for students to expand their skills, build a powerful network, and join a close-knit community of fellow innovators.

While gearing up for her undergrad graduation from the Industrial Engineering program in 2015, Kiera Patterson, knew she wanted to get a master’s degree, so she applied for Scheller’s Early Admission for Undergrads program, which allows undergraduates to secure deferred, early decision to the Full-time or Evening MBA programs. She worked for three years in telecommunications at A&T before returning to Georgia Tech for her MBA. Patterson is currently a brand content manager on the global advertising team within American Express.

Recounting her favorite moments, Patterson says, "My proudest moment at Georgia Tech was when I became a Diversity and Inclusion Fellow. Diversity and Inclusion is very important to me as a Black woman with a disability. I was able to help co-found ABLE Alliance which was the first student org for people with disabilities at Georgia Tech".

The benefits of a Scheller MBA go far beyond networking and community. The curriculum is cutting-edge, designed to prepare students to tackle the most significant challenges at the intersection of business and technology. Through the program, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, refine business acumen, and gain a newfound sense of confidence and proficiency.

"An MBA at Scheller is such a different experience than undergrad. Taking classes with the same people for two years you build strong bonds and connections. You will learn so much from your classmates because they all come from different industries and you will gain a great network of Georgia Tech MBAs," said Patterson. 

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