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In the Business of Transformation: Four Stories of Women and Their MBA Career Journeys

Four Scheller MBA alumnae smile with the words “MBA Career Transformation” imposed over their images

From left to right: Thea Dietrick, Full-time MBA ‘20; Cynthia Latortue-Brooks, Full-time MBA ‘20; Kelci Reyes-Brannon, Evening MBA ‘22; and, Jacquie Smyth, Evening MBA ‘18

Career growth can look like many things. It can look like working for a larger company, having more autonomy to drive change, or putting quantitative skills to work to support a creative outlet. Whatever your projected growth trajectory may be, the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business is in the business of powering these transformations. 

Getting an MBA from Scheller is a life-changing career move that brings unlimited opportunities for growth. These opportunities include an expansive education, increased job prospects, and the power to steer a career founded in analytical and creative strength. 
Listen to the experiences of four Scheller MBA alumnae from the Full-time and Evening MBA programs. You’ll learn more about their career journeys and how they found their way to the jobs they always wanted with the support of the Jones MBA Career Center team and the Scheller community.  
Meet Thea Dietrick, Full-time MBA '20 
Pre-MBA Role: Sales and Economics 
Current Role: Director of Customer Success, STORD 



Meet Cynthia Latortue-Brooks, Full-time MBA 20 
Pre-MBA Role: Product Development Engineer 
Current Role: Air Product Manager, UPS


Meet Kelci Reyes-Brannon, Evening MBA ‘22 
Pre-MBA Role: Higher Education Special Programs Advisor  
Current Role: Commercial Strategy & Customer Experience, Delta Air Lines



Meet Jacquie Smyth, Evening MBA '18 
Pre-MBA Role: Supply Chain 
Current Role: Senior Manager, Ecommerce Operations and Revenue Strategy, UPS


Meet Caroline Player 
Corporate Relations Manager, Jones MBA Career Center  


Be Inspired. Be Transformed. Be Scheller.


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