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Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Becomes Title Sponsor for Women in Technology YoPros Program

A group of young professional women gather at a WIT event

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business is pleased to announce their 2023 title sponsorship of the Women in Technology YoPros (Young Professionals) Program

With a new year comes new possibilities. In 2023, the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business is pleased to announce their title sponsorship of Women in Technology’s YoPros (Young Professionals) Program. Scheller will join forces with WIT to provide professional guidance and mentorship to young professional women ages 20 to 29 as they make the transition from student to early career.  
WIT is the largest female-centered organization in Georgia with a mission of helping women and girls break through barriers and advance with opportunities in STEAM. WIT delivers professional development and networking opportunities to women and free educational programs to students.  
Penny Collins, President and CEO of WIT, looks forward to this new partnership. “The WIT YoPros Program started in 2019 and is an incredibly passionate community looking to find purpose in the workplace and professional growth opportunities. We are excited to have Scheller as the title sponsor of this program and are eager to witness the impact we know the school will have on our members.” 
Leanne West, Chief Engineer of Pediatric Technology at the Georgia Tech Research Institute and President of the International Children's Advisory Network, is a long-time WIT partner and savvy business leader. She didn’t always see the importance of advocating specifically for women in technology. Having gone to an all-girls high school and comfortably focusing her graduate studies in math and science at Vanderbilt University, she never saw the need.  
Today, West sees how impactful partnerships with WIT can be for rising business and technology leaders. “One of the things that I like about WIT,” West said, “is that it is all inclusive. It shows younger generations that you can do it! As I’ve gone along in my career, I understand that a lot of women out there want to see someone like them in technology to know that they can do it, too. WIT inspires women to know that anything is possible.” 
Scheller is proud to partner with WIT to facilitate greater opportunities for Atlanta women at the intersection of business and technology. The College looks forward to working with theYoPros Program to create impactful events that will connect WIT members with Scheller students and alumni and the wider business community.  

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