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The Intersection Podcast: Scheller Explores the Metaverse —The Past, Present, and Future of the Metaverse

The Intersection Podcast host Leo Haigh talks with undergraduate student Mason Hinckley about the Meteverse.
Podcast host Leo Haigh with undergraduate students Mason Hinckley

Intersection Podcast host Leo Haigh with Mason Hinckley, undergraduate student.

In this episode of the Intersection Podcast, host and current MBA student Leo Haigh sits down with Scheller undergrad student Mason Hinckley to discuss the future of the metaverse.

Mason is an avid user of metaverse technology and a keen researcher into its current and future potential. In their discussion, Mason discusses what could be in store for the business and ethics of the metaverse as companies continue to invest in new capabilities and technologies. He also talks about opportunities for students to get involved in metaverse-adjacent opportunities on the Georgia Tech campus.

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