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"Make Sure You Do Something You Love": Meet Lilly Viau, BSBA ‘22

To celebrate Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business students, we interviewed a few outstanding undergraduate students to learn more about them. Meet Lilly Viau.
Lilly Viau headshot

Lilly Viau, BSBA ‘22

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business students come to learn, explore, and build community. As they move forward in their careers, they take everything they’ve learned and use it to power innovation in industries and businesses across the globe. Before graduating, we sat down with a few students to find out what they’ve learned and what advice they want to give to other students.

Meet Lilly Viau, who is graduating with a concentration in Supply Chain and Operations at Scheller and a minor in Law, Science, and Technology from the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

Where are you from?

Tucker, Georgia

Where did you attend high school?

St. Pius X Catholic High School

What is the biggest lesson you gained from studying business?

Scheller has helped me augment and develop my soft skills along with my business expertise and helped me learn how to approach problems. The network I have developed and the mindset for growth I have fostered over the past four and a half years will continue to grow because of my time at Scheller.

What advice would you give to a student looking to major in a business-related field?

Explore! Every field in business is so different. Although some concentrations may be somewhat related (finance, accounting), each has its own nuance and flavor. "Business" is such a broad term. Take the time to explore each facet of business in conversations with students, graduates, advisors, and professors before deciding where to focus. Remember, too, that this is for YOU! No one else will experience your journey, so make sure you do something you love, and you may never "work" a day in your life.

As a business student in the heart of Tech Square, how do you think Scheller College embodies the intersection of business and technology?

Scheller is a melting pot for education, business, and technology. The college primes students for interactions with leading companies through info sessions, career development classes, and projects that require interaction with the companies around us. I think it speaks volumes that companies have moved their largest branches to Midtown, and any student would be remiss not to take advantage of this.

What was your favorite business course?

International Business Law with Professor Vijay Venkataraman.

Who is your favorite professor? 

Professor Tim Martin.

What has surprised you most about majoring in business at Scheller College? 

Everyone here is so cool. Scheller is the place for people who are driven by hard work and a desire to cultivate personal relationships in a learning and professional development-based environment. Scheller has become my home away from home where I feel comfortable talking to any professor, advisor, or classmate about my future goals and dreams in the professional world. I hope to be a part of the Scheller community for a long time.

What were some of your extracurricular activities, community work, and leadership roles during college?

I was in the Phi Mu sorority, For the Kids (FTK), Greek CRU, Scheller Women in Business, a house manager at Lambda Chi for three and a half years, a teaching assistant for Tim Martin, and a team leader for the GT1000 class.

Which academic, extracurricular, or personal achievement are you most proud of? 

I'm most proud of being a house manager for a house of fifty-four women for three and a half years. It was never easy, but the relationships I've made and the skills I've developed during my tenure are unmatched by any other relationships at Tech.

Where have you interned during your college career?

I interned at Peloton and EY.

Where will you be working after graduation? 

At EY as a supply chain and operations consultant.

Looking back over your experience, what is the one thing you'd do differently in business school and why?

I would have liked to study abroad with my friends. Although I love Atlanta, I've lived here my whole life and wish I had taken the opportunity to study at Oxford or Georgia Tech Lorraine (GTL).

Which classmate do you most admire? 

Katie Anderson is the definition of a 'do it all’ Scheller student. She inspires me every day to be a better student, person, and friend.

Who would you most want to thank for your success? 

God and my mom.

What is the top item on your professional bucket list?

I’d like to attend an international conference.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I believe in Bigfoot! Also, my biggest dream is to be on the Scheller billboard.

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