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Why I Give Back to Scheller: Reconnecting with MBA Alumna Jasmine Howard

Class of 2020 MBA alumna Jasmine Howard shares her story around transitioning from MBA to full-time employee during the Covid-19 pandemic, how she remains connected to the Scheller community, and the importance of giving back.
Jasmine spent the first year of her post-MBA career at Mailchimp, where she led the company’s digital marketing efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic

Jasmine spent the first year of her post-MBA career at Mailchimp, where she led the company’s digital marketing efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic

Jasmine graduated in the class of 2020 and began her career journey at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. When she accepted a return offer from her digital marketing internship role at Mailchimp, like many MBAs, she did not know exactly what to expect.

We sat down with Jasmine to discuss her transition, how she’s remained in touch with the Scheller community, and giving back.

Scheller: We imagine starting a new role during Covid-19 was challenging. Can you share more about your transition from intern to full-time employee at Mailchimp?

Jasmine: Mailchimp is known for its thoughtful onboarding experience. When the pandemic hit, leadership had a robust plan for the transition from in-person to virtual, and new employees became part of onboarding cohorts to help supplement virtual networking. As a technology company, we had the tools to be successful within the virtual environment and had already done work-from-home drills. Of course, it helped that I had existing relationships from my in-person internship experience and was placed with the same manager and director. Everyone misses the interpersonal interactions – especially for brainstorming and ideation – but I’m grateful the transition went as smoothly as it could have.

Scheller: How have you remained connected with your Scheller community during the transition and after beginning your full-time role?

Jasmine: I’m still in touch with my career coach and periodically connect with program management. Every now and then, I’ll talk to Katie Lloyd and Kelley Broome and I love how there’s not the distanced formality that usually exists within larger programs, where program staff doesn’t know all the students.

While I was fortunate to start on time at Mailchimp, many people from our graduating class were extensively delayed. We all rallied around each other, stayed connected, and worked to find opportunities for those who were most heavily affected. We passed on leads via our active slack community and even helped with interview practice. One of the things that makes Scheller so special is the ways we continue to support and be supported by our classmates and community.

Scheller: Why do you think it’s important to give back during this time?

Jasmine: Thanks to the generosity of Scheller supporters, I didn't feel the financial pressure to enter a post-MBA role solely for the compensation to pay back loans. My fully-funded MBA made it possible for me to prioritize my actual interests and values alongside the desire for a competitive offer. I can’t wait to provide that same level of security for future students and love that alumni are able to do this through the MBA Annual Fund in any amount. It facilitates giving back, and I know my contribution goes directly to enhancing the student experience.

Scheller: What makes you most proud about your Scheller experience?

Jasmine: Any time someone asks a question like this about Scheller, I always think of the people – not just how I grew through my MBA experience, but how I was able to impact my classmates and the program as a whole.

My MBA was such a positively transformative experience, and I’m most proud to have been a part of something that impacted others in a significant way. At the end of the day, we’re here individually to get our MBAs, but at Scheller, it’s about the relationships and our collective growth.

Reconnecting with alumni like Jasmine allows us to reflect on our community, how it’s grown and evolved, and the importance of giving back. We hope you will consider making a gift to the MBA Annual Fund in order to shape future generations of students, open doors of opportunity, and expand Scheller’s impact on the world. 

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