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Seven Scheller Community Members Receive 2021 “Faces of Inclusive Excellence” Recognition

Georgia Tech recognizes seven Scheller College of Business community members as champions of diversity, equity, and inclusivity across campus.
Katie Badura, Gail Greene, Kerri Nauth, Natasha Reed. Bottom left to right: Ursula Reynolds, Arianna Robinson, Mary Eve Spirou headshots

Top left to right: Katie Badura, Gail Greene, Kerri Nauth, Natasha Reed. Bottom left to right: Ursula Reynolds, Arianna Robinson, Mary Eve Spirou

Each year, Georgia Tech’s Institute of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion recognizes faculty, staff, and students who are “committed to advancing a culture of inclusive excellence at Georgia Tech,” and who have dedicated their research, teaching, and service to the creation of a more diverse and equitable community. Seven Scheller College of Business community members are among those recognized in this year’s publication.

“It is an honor to be recognized as one of the faces of inclusive excellence for 2021. I am grateful to be included alongside such talented individuals at Georgia Tech. I hope my research on disability, gender, and race will improve the lives and experiences of employees in the workplace,” said Mary Eve Spirou, Ph.D. candidate in organizational behavior.

The list of Scheller College of Business honorees include:

Katie Badura, Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior

Badura was recognized for conducting research and supporting the research of Ph.D. students on topics related to gender, age, race, and disability in the workforce. Additionally, she provides pro bono work with companies on diversity, equity, and inclusion-related initiatives.

Gail Greene, Director, Faculty Administration

Greene was recognized for her work in guiding and managing the faculty hiring and life-cycle processes, supporting the book club for Scheller stakeholders to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion issues through the lens of reading, dis­cussing, and sharing, while also serving on the Culture of Respect Leadership Team – a part of Georgia Tech’s continued commitment to addressing campus sexual/domestic violence.

Kerri Nauth, Former Recruiting Manager, MBA Programs

Nauth led diversity recruitment initiatives for the Full-time MBA admissions team and established a new strategic partnership with other organizations. She also served on the College’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.

Natasha Reed, Ph.D. Candidate, Organizational Behavior

Reed is currently looking at the effects of trauma on health dispari­ties and how this relationship is affected by inclusive workplace climates. She also helped select the next cohort of the Diversity and Inclusion Fellows program.

Ursula Reynolds, Associate Director, Doctoral Program

Reynolds was recognized for her work to create processes to increase diversity and inclusion in Scheller’s doctoral program. She oversees the data and contributes to the conversation about the applicant pool and the program’s inclusiveness.

Arianna Robinson, Assistant Director, Business Operations, Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business

Robinson is the founder and advisor to the Blacks in Business and the Net Impact clubs at Scheller. She also organizes and facilitates annual racial equity discussion at Tech and has proposed, designed, and imple­mented a college-wide DE&I book discussion group.

Mary Eve Spirou, Ph.D. Candidate, Organizational Behavior

Spirou was recognized for performing a qualitative study on Black women who create entrepreneurial ventures. Spirou is also the co-author of a manuscript on the bias and backlash of salary negotiations for those with disabilities.

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