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Scheller Faculty Ideas Featuring Deven Desai: Why We Need to Build a Virus Early Warning System

Georgia Tech Scheller faculty member Deven Desai suggests a Virus Early Warning System (EWS) may be what is needed to prevent large-scale pandemics in the future, according to his op-ed in The Hill.
Deven Desai, associate professor of law and ethics

Deven Desai, associate professor of law and ethics

While it may appear that the U.S. is slowly gaining control over the Covid-19 virus through mass vaccination efforts, the war on pandemics is only just beginning, according to Deven Desai, Georgia Tech Scheller associate professor of law and ethics. In his latest op-ed piece in The Hill, Desai details ways in which future pandemics may be preventable through a Virus Early Warning System (Virus EWS). 

“This virus, like all viruses, will mutate. Add in global and domestic travel, and we have a recipe for another pandemic. Yet, we have a chance right now to prevent that, by using what we have learned to build a Virus Early Warning System (Virus EWS),” he writes.

According to Desai, with public and private funding we can take three steps to keep not only Covid-19 but other viruses including the flu and its ongoing strains at bay. These steps are Leverage – Maintain and expand our virus testing capacity, Learn – Gather data from ongoing testing to learn about and improve our public health system, and Live – Use a Virus EWS to limit the effects of viruses that attack how we live and kill people we love.

Read the full op-ed story in The Hill: "Why we need to build a virus early warning system

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