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Marcell Sandoval, Georgia Tech Scheller MBA Alum, Named Forbes 1000 Entrepreneur

Georgia Tech Scheller MBA alum Marcelo Sandoval has turned his dream of starting a clean technology company into a reality with his company, ProsumerGrid.
Scheller MBA ’14 alum Marcelo Sandoval has been included in the Forbes Next 1000 list of rising entrepreneurs.

Scheller MBA ’14 alum Marcelo Sandoval has been included in the Forbes Next 1000 list of rising entrepreneurs.

Marcelo Sandoval is reimagining the American dream. The Georgia Tech Scheller Full-time MBA alumnus was inducted into the Forbes Next 1000, a list that showcases sole proprietors, self-funded shops, and pre-revenue startups from every region of the country—all with under $10 million in revenue or funding.

Sandoval grew up in Ecuador and saw firsthand the impact that oil spills had on his community. After immigrating to America, he enrolled at Scheller and received his MBA in 2014. Upon graduation, he co-founded ProsumerGrid with John Higley and Santiago Grijalva, the associate director of the Electricity-Strategic Energy Institute at Georgia Tech.

“I am grateful for the Scheller College of Business,” said Sandoval. “This company would not have been possible without all the valuable lessons I learned in the MBA program.”

ProsumerGrid is a company with roots and origins at Georgia Tech. Its mission is to provide its clients with innovative tools and support for managing the transformation of energy and power systems. ProsumerGrid helps electric utilities, energy providers, regulators, and researchers with distributed energy resource analysis use cases. The Atlanta-based company has raised $4.4 million in funding and is projecting revenues of $600,000 for 2021. Clients include Puerto Rico Power Authority, Nissan Renault Mitsubishi, and more.

“I always had the vision of starting my own clean technology company to contribute to energy sustainability and resiliency objectives,” said Sandoval. “Going to Scheller equipped me with the business fundamentals, communication skills, and strategic principles to make that dream a reality.”

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