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Georgia Tech Scheller Dean Alavi Hosts Craig Menear, Chairman and CEO of The Home Depot

Craig Menear, Chairman and CEO, The Home Depot

Craig Menear, Chairman and CEO, The Home Depot

Dean Maryam Alavi hosted a virtual conversation with Craig Menear, chairman and CEO of The Home Depot on Thursday, October 4. Menear, who has worked at The Home Depot for 25 years, discussed the company’s culture and its dedication to associates and customers, its strategy for getting through the pandemic, and how they’re moving into the future with a combination of in-store and digital customer experiences.

Menear provided insights into how The Home Depot pivoted quickly to provide a quality customer service experience by extending the company’s reach into a digital experience for online shopping. He also discussed the recent difficulties in the global supply chain and how the company will continue to provide merchandise by distributing its products to not just one, but various ports across the U.S. In multiple examples, Menear emphasized their “top-down” approach to company culture that places associates at the high end of the pyramid. In turn, this leads to better customer service.

Menear encouraged the audiences to look at success in three ways; 1) never stop learning even after finishing school, 2) it’s not about you, it’s about the people you work with and what gets accomplished and 3) view business like a sport. One must have the will to win and be driven by the desire to succeed.  

Dean Alavi’s conversation with Menear is available in its entirety in the video below.


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