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Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Launches 2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business launches its 2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan, charting a path to future growth and impact at the intersection of business and technology.
Technology Square Sign

Technology Square at the Scheller College of Business

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business has launched a new values-driven strategic plan to guide the school’s progress over the next five years. Strategic planning was led by Maryam Alavi, Dean and Stephen P. Zelnak, Jr. Chair, and Peter Swire, Elizabeth and Tommy Holder Chair of Law and Ethics, in collaboration with an engaged, diverse committee of faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The College’s new plan aligns with the Institute’s Strategic Plan, which was unveiled in 2020.

“The world is experiencing rapid transformation in the face of new technologies and global challenges and opportunities. Our mission is to cultivate leaders who know how to create value for business and society in just such a world,” said Alavi. “This new strategic plan allows us to build on our strengths – our home­­ at Georgia Tech, location in the heart of Technology Square, and strategic position at the intersection of business and technology – while setting and achieving ambitious goals. As we transition into this new era, Scheller will play an ever-expanding role in meeting the business challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow.”

The plan identifies four key goals:

  • Develop our students into ethical leaders who understand how to innovate and leverage technology to address business challenges and opportunities for the benefit of industry and society.
  • Influence scholarly discourse, management practice, and policymaking through high-impact research and thought leadership.
  • Enrich the Scheller community and network by nurturing diverse perspectives and creating an authentic, compassionate, and empowering culture.
  • Steward our existing allocation of resources in people, programs, and infrastructure, while expanding and diversifying financial resources needed for continued excellence, growth, and innovation in support of the College mission.

The College now marks the beginning of the next five years of work and progress, uniting the individual and collective strengths of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the College through thoughtful, strategic implementation of the plan. 

Read the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business 2021 – 2026 Strategic Plan.

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