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14 Georgia Tech Scheller MBA Students Awarded Forté MBA Fellowship for Women

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business awarded Forté MBA Fellowships to 14 of the best and brightest women in the Full-time MBA program.
The 14 Full-time MBA students who received the Forté Fellowship.

The 14 Full-time MBA students who received the Forté Fellowship.

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business has awarded 14 Full-time MBA students the prestigious Forté MBA Fellowship. Students recognized as Forté Fellows exhibit exemplary leadership, represent diverse backgrounds, and demonstrate a commitment to advancing women in business.

The Forté MBA Fellowship stems from the Forté Foundation, whose mission is to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, professional development, and a community of successful women. Women awarded these fellowships receive funding or tuition assistance and have exclusive access to workshops, recruiter lists, and opportunities to expand their network at events, such as the Forté Women’s Leadership Conference.

“Through Forté, I’ve been embraced by a community of women who offer continual encouragement,” said Randee Comstock, first-year Full-time MBA student and Forté Foundation Ambassador. “Forté offers high-quality leadership development panelists and content. I’ve attended both live and virtual events. Hearing from executive female leadership has encouraged me to be brave and pursue opportunities outside of my comfort zone and demonstrated how important representation is at every level of an organization.”

Since 2016, the Scheller College of Business has partnered with the Forté Foundation to advocate for women’s advancement and gender equity in business schools. The College shares resources by way of admissions expertise, alumni storytelling, and tuition assistance to promote the Forté mission of increasing the representation of women in leadership.

“Forté has programming and initiatives to help women find the confidence to pursue MBA opportunities and grow as leaders,” said Amy Hayes, director for Full-time MBA recruiting. “Forté helps demystify the MBA admissions process and helps women understand what an MBA experience entails and how it can propel their career.”

In the five years since the partnership was established, the Full-time MBA program received its most MBA applications from women in 2021. The partnership between Scheller and the Foundation will continue to evolve as both organizations provide women the tools they need to advance their professional and academic careers and change the business world.

Georgia Tech Scheller Forté MBA Fellows

Suzy Livingston, Full-time MBA '22
Claire Bilkert, Full-time MBA ‘22
Tiffany (Yunyeh) Cho, Full-time MBA ‘22
Randee Comstock, Full-time MBA ‘23 (Forté Ambassador)
Katherine Crosby, Full-time MBA ‘22
Kyra Hankin, Full-time MBA ‘23
Jordyn Holt, Full-time MBA ‘22
Maggie Joyce, Full-time MBA ‘23
Felicia Lamothe, Full-time MBA ‘23 (Forté Ambassador)
Molly O’Neill, Full-time MBA ‘23
Georgia Pearce, Full-time MBA ‘23
Grace Stewart, Full-time MBA ‘22
Samantha Sutton, Full-time MBA ‘23
Savannah Thomas, Full-time MBA ‘23


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