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Spread Encouragement with Letters of Love

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, third-year undergraduate Claudia Onley created Letters of Love, which delivers letters of support and encouragement to frontline workers and submissions are welcomed.
Claudia Onley

Claudia Onley

Claudia Onley, a third-year business administration major, remembers learning about significant historical events and wondering what she would have done if she’d been alive when they happened. Recently, as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, she created Letters of Love, which delivers letters of support and encouragement to frontline workers.

“Letters of Love is based on the idea that people do not have to leave their homes to serve their community,” Onley said. “All they have to do is go online and type some words of encouragement.”

Anyone can write a note for Letters of Love. Writers can also specify if they want their letter delivered to healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, mail workers, or other essential employees. Onley, her family, and her friends will then either transfer the message to a physical letter and deliver it or send it virtually if needed.

Letters of Love operates under the mission “spread love, not germs.” Onley has seen the embodiment of this idea firsthand in the responses she’s received both from her community and those on the front lines. The group received over 100 letters since its launch in early April. Meanwhile, Onley cites seeing the look on the workers’ faces when they receive their letters as one of the most rewarding parts of the project.

“It’s the look of someone who feels valued and seen,” she said.

Those interested can write their own message on Letters of Love’s submission page. Onley hopes that people who are staying at home will continue to write letters and recognize the workers who are risking so much for the benefit of us all.

“I hope that Letters of Love can create a way for humans to know that others see them, are with them, and are for them,” she said. “Because, ultimately, we all need to know we are loved, especially now.”

Written by Grace Wyner

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