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Scheller Professor’s Article in Harvard Business Review Looks at Building Virtual Team Resilience

Dr. Davis Sluss, professor Organizational Behavior

Dr. Davis Sluss, professor Organizational Behavior

The Harvard Business Review published an article on April 14 by Scheller College of Business associate professor of Organizational Behavior, Dr. David Sluss titled “Build Your Team’s Resilience — From Home.” Sluss and colleague Edward Powley, associate professor of Management, Naval Postgraduate School, studied U.S. Navy recruits to understand how leaders can build resilience in others. Combining this research with stories of how leaders built resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, they provide evidence-based strategies to build resilience in your team – even while social distancing.  The two key components, they write, come down to two things: people and perspective.

Read "Build Your Team's Resilience - From Home."


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