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Scheller Professor Deven Desai Quoted in Recent Article on Use of Facial Recognition Software by the Atlanta Police Department

Scheller Professor Deven Desai

Scheller Professor Deven Desai

Scheller College of Business associate professor Deven Desai was quoted in a recent article on the use of facial recognition software by the Atlanta Police Department to assist in police investigations. The January 23 article “Atlanta Police Using Controversial Facial Recognition Technology” on GPB reports that the Atlanta Police Department has started using Clearview AI to identify potential criminals. The software uses a person’s photograph to search the internet including social media accounts for additional images of a suspect. The process is called “scraping” and Desai expressed concern over the use of the controversial technique, which is becoming more commonly used by hundreds of police departments across the U.S. “The issue becomes one of what we like to call “technical accountability,” said Desai, who expresses concern regarding the reliability of the software, the privacy of citizens, and the length of time images are stored by the departments.

Read the full article on the GPB website

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