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Scheller Faculty Ideas Featuring Deven Desai: Beyond the ‘American Summer’ - 8 Steps to Deliver on the American Promise

Scheller faculty member Deven Desai provides eight steps to show that democracy is alive while the U.S. participates in the “American revolution” of societal change.
Deven Desai, Associate Professor of Law and Ethics

Deven Desai, Associate Professor of Law and Ethics

“Ten years ago, Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire and triggered a revolution in Tunisia. That single act inspired the Arab Spring, a wave of pro-democracy protests and revolutions…Last summer, a similar realization took hold in the United States.…But we didn’t need an Arab Spring to make a change. The countries in the Arab Spring weren’t democracies. We are, however — a strong one. And we used the tools of our democracy to advocate for change in our system. We had what could be called an ‘American Summer.’”

Georgia Tech Scheller Associate Professor of Law and Ethics Deven Desai talks about the rise of citizens’ protests of inequality and injustice in the U.S. in his op-ed piece for the Hill. Desai outlines eight steps that are crucial to advancing the ongoing cause: pursue dignity, be counted and vote, support and work with change organizations, stay engaged, embarrass those who would deny your rights, be disciplined, find and follow smart leaders, and make nonstop news about your good and peaceful work.

Read the full op-ed story in The Hill: "Beyond the ‘American Summer’: 8 Steps to Deliver on the American Promise" by Deven Desai.

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Deven Desai
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