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Scheller College of Business to Host 2020 Journal of Investment Management (JOIM) Conference

Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business will host the 2020 Journal of Investment Management (JOIM) Conference on October 5 to 7. This year’s virtual conference offers two themes: Applications of Data Science in Investment Management and Covid-19 Investment Implications.

The conference helps support the Journal by expanding theoretical peer-reviewed articles through real-world speakers who present and discuss current topics in the world of investment management with audience participants.

Among Scheller’s speakers include Sudheer Chava, Professor of Finance, Alton M. Costley Chair, and Director of the Quantitative and Computational Finance Program, who will be presenting on the topic of “Doing Well by Doing Good: Corporate Social Responsibility and Downside Risk.”

Additional speakers and contributors include Robert Morton, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laureate, MIT; Vasant Dhar, New York University; Campbell Harvey, Duke University; Sanjiv Das, Santa Clara University; Alessio de Longis, Invesco; Andrew Lo, MIT; Ananth Madhavan, BlackRock; Bryan Kelly, Yale; Deep Srivastav & Jennifer Ball, Franklin Templeton; and Tucker Balch, JP Morgan.

The JOIM Conference Series began in 2006 and has been attended by companies and individuals throughout the investment management industry, including risk, portfolio, and pension managers, financial firm executives, and academic researchers.  

Learn more about the 2020 JOIM Conference Series.  

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