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Join Scheller College's Digital Disruption Series Part V: “Frictionless Healthcare” with Accenture, Anthem and Georgia Tech on February 28th

Scheller College of Business will be hosting Part V: Frictionless Healthcare as part of its Digital Disruption Series on Friday, February 28 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with leading thought leaders from corporate partners Accenture, Anthem and Georgia Tech. The series’s Frictionless Healthcare will discuss how disruptive technology is changing the healthcare industry and the anticipated impact on individuals, patients, providers, health insurers, health IT, accounting, and related business industries in the healthcare spectrum. The series is open to students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public. 

Moderated by Scheller Dean Maryam Alavi, keynote speakers include Bob Ghafouri, Sr. Managing Director, co-founder of Accenture and Bloom and Warris Bokhari, vice president, Digital Care Delivery at Anthem. Panelists include Avery Ashby, Managing Director, Applied Intelligence Southern Market at Accenture, Katie Baker, Director of Innovation, Digital Care Delivery at Anthem, and Elizabeth Mynatt, professor in the College of Computing and executive director of the Institute for People and Technology (iPat). A Q&A session will follow the panelist presentation.

The Series’s panelists will bring their diverse experiences and perspectives in healthcare, innovation, and digital technologies to discuss how the healthcare industry is changing as both a provider of health services and as a business in a technology-driven era.

Please join us as we explore leading-edge healthcare innovations that are creating insight-driven, technology-enabled solutions to improve the lives of patients, citizens, and communities.

Scheller College of Business’s Digital Disruption Series is dedicated to examining digital disruptions in industry and technology. Seating is limited. A reception will follow.

Learn more and register for the event.

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