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Georgia Tech Scheller’s MBA Programs Make Tremendous Strides in Diversity in Fall 2020 Cohorts

Georgia Tech Scheller’s incoming MBA students bring expertise and experience that spans a variety of industry, educational, and cultural backgrounds.
It’s a semester unlike any other, and Georgia Tech Scheller’s MBA programs are proud to welcome three diverse incoming classes.

It’s a semester unlike any other, and Georgia Tech Scheller’s MBA programs are proud to welcome three diverse incoming classes.

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business MBA programs were proud to welcome a dynamic and innovative group of students this past month. The incoming students bring expertise spanning a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, creating a diverse learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom across the Full-time, part-time Evening, and weekend Executive MBA programs.

Scheller’s Full-time MBA program welcomed 66 new students into the class of 2022. With an average of five years of work experience, the average age of this year’s incoming Full-time student is 28. 34 percent of this year’s class are women and 23 percent are underrepresented minorities. 14 percent of the class comes from an international background, creating an environment where diverse perspectives and ideas thrive.  

“We kept our commitment to quality and diversity in recruiting this class despite unprecedented challenges, including major adaptations to deadlines and admission policies,” said Amy Hayes, director of Full-time MBA recruiting. “In early spring, our means of communication and interaction evolved to a virtual format. Throughout the transition, these students remained positive and enthusiastic about starting their MBA journeys in a way that was very inspiring.”

The incoming Full-time MBA students come from a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing and engineering to pharma, biotech, and healthcare. 35 percent of the class come from engineering and computer science academic backgrounds. In addition to business management, other educational areas include the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and economics, reinforcing the fact that Scheller’s MBA programs are open to all educational backgrounds and job industries.

“Scheller’s MBA is recognized for being uniquely focused on the industries and processes that are driving business,” said first-year MBA student, Angel Daniels. “Having a background in music technology and finance, I can develop my experiences through a diverse curriculum. I’m also excited to be a part of a close community of genuinely supportive students, faculty, and staff. It was apparent during the application process that Scheller takes pride in building a high-quality community.”

Ranked among the top 10 best public part-time MBA programs by U.S. News & World Report, Scheller’s Evening MBA program had 109 students enroll for the Fall 2020 start. The incoming class is 41 percent women, making it the highest proportion of women enrolled in the history of the program.

“We’re thrilled that this is the largest number of women enrolled in the Evening MBA program,” said Chris Hilario, director of Evening MBA recruiting. “Scheller College has a long-standing commitment to supporting women, which can be seen in everything from our women’s-focused student organizations to our partnership with the Forté Foundation.”

The Fall 2020 Evening MBA cohort has an average of seven years of work experience, contributing to the dynamic discussions within the classroom. 22 of the incoming students are quite familiar with Georgia Tech. They are Double Jackets, having attended Georgia Tech for their undergraduate degrees.  

“I got a taste of what the Scheller curriculum has to offer during my undergraduate experience at Georgia Tech as a biomedical engineering major,” said Evening MBA student and Double Jacket, Kelsey Melrose. “That small introduction made Scheller first on my list when evaluating schools.”

Scheller’s Executive MBA program welcomed 98 students into the 17-month weekend program this fall. Between the Management of Technology and the Global Business cohorts, 25 percent of the students are under-represented minorities, while 12 percent have a military background.

“Each year we are excited to welcome the new class, but this year especially,” said Lael Whiteside, recruiting manager of the Executive MBA program. “With such a diverse group, we at Scheller are excited to see what this class will achieve.”

The average work experience of this incoming class is 13 years, with an average starting salary of $121,000. The student’s ages range from 26 to 55.

“Georgia Tech is a top-ranked global institution and the Executive MBA program offers a perfect combination of technology and business,” said Gustavo Rodrigues, Executive MBA student and executive director of customer fulfillment at the NCR Corporation. “Scheller is located in a strategic technological area in Atlanta, allowing for collaboration among people from very different backgrounds.”

If you are interested in learning more about Georgia Tech Scheller’s three MBA programs, join us for our 2020 Virtual MBA Open House, with sessions on October 6 to 8.

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