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Undergrad Corporate Internships - The Intersection Podcast at Scheller

Darby Foster, Matt Webster, host Jasmine Howard, and Rachel Luckcuck talk about their summer experiences with large corporations.

Darby Foster, Matt Webster, host Jasmine Howard, and Rachel Luckcuck talk about their summer experiences with large corporations.

On this episode of The Intersection, we sat down with Darby Foster, Rachel Luckcuck, and Matt Webster to talk about their internships with some large corporations.

All three of our guests worked in the IT space with these companies and are part of the Denning Technology & Management (T&M) Program at Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business.

Darby’s internship was as an IT Business Partner at Boeing. As a T&M scholar, she is interested in pursuing a technical career partnered with a business background. For Darby, the T&M Program first introduced her to Boeing, and she was drawn to all of the opportunities available at the largest aerospace company in the world. Darby’s major project for the summer was application rationalization. She helped Boeing analyze their application portfolio and identify which applications would be good candidates to move over to their new system first, which applications could be combined, and which could be dropped. Darby credits some of her success to Scheller’s emphasis on networking. Not only was it helpful for her to get the internship, but networking within Boeing helped her to go out and learn about other parts of the business as well.

Rachel found her internship fit at Procter & Gamble (P&G) where she worked in IT. The T&M Program is one of the big reasons she chose to attend Georgia Tech. Through the Program she was able to travel to Hong Kong and Shenzhen and visit Tencent, the company who owns WeChat, a messaging and social media app. Over the summer Rachel learned that P&G is the world’s largest advertiser. She worked on projects to improve their digital asset management system. P&G rolled out her work this past fall with strong results. She also helped P&G with the daunting task of finding out what marketing content was missing from the system using analytics and Microsoft’s Power BI program and she emphasized the role that Scheller’s career development team played in her success.

Matt spent the summer working at NCR as an IT Business Analyst intern. Minoring in Computing & Business through the T&M Program allowed him to improve his business expertise while learning technical skills. He was drawn to NCR with their recent move from Duluth to Midtown, Atlanta, just two blocks from Scheller. He was impressed with their shift from hardware to software and saw them as a great example of how a company can re-invent itself. At NCR, Matt worked on process digitalization strategy. He helped create an integrated view of processes, data, and technology with an end-to-end impact analysis of moving from a SQL server to the cloud. For Matt, the career advisors at Scheller were a big help in securing his position and have poised him for success in the future.

If you want to be like any of our superstar guests, heed some of the advice they imparted: work hard early on in your college career and take advantage of all of the resources available to you. We had a wonderful time chatting with these three undergraduate students and are excited to see what their future holds.

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