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Scheller Undergraduates Named Georgia Tech Homecoming “Mr. and Ms. Georgia Tech” for Third Consecutive Year

Rachel Luckcuck and Francis Yang win Mr. and Ms. Georgia Tech

Rachel Luckcuck and Francis Yang win Mr. and Ms. Georgia Tech

For the third consecutive year, Scheller College of Business undergraduates were crowned “Mr. and Ms. Georgia Tech.” Winners Rachel Luckcuck (‘20) and Francis Yang (‘20) received the honor during Georgia Tech’s Homecoming Game on November 2, 2019.

Each Homecoming contender vying for the title was nominated by their respective Greek organizations, required to submit four essays, completed two rounds of interviews, and then competed in the campus-wide election. The finalists for the crown did not know the results of the decision until the names of the winners were announced at half-time on the field at Bobby Dodd stadium.

Both Luckcuck and Yang spoke of the importance of having family support during the crowning. “My parents and I were so excited simply to be on the field,” said Yang. Luckock echoed his sentiment. “Standing on the field with my dad was amazing – I’m so happy this whole experience has been something I was able to share with my family.”

Both winners are excited about their achievements. “When I was in high school, going to Georgia Tech was my biggest dream – and now I’m Ms. Georgia Tech! I’m so humbled and honored and in love with this school,” shared Luckcuck.  For Yang, the experience is a bit surreal. “My parents and I were so excited simply to be on the field, so there was little expectation of me actually being named Mr. Georgia Tech. When my name was announced, I was shocked and overcome with an intense feeling of gratitude.”

 Yang noted that recognition is not the goal, but it’s the process of selection that creates value. “Mr. and Ms. Georgia Tech is certainly an exciting title, but I know that true fulfillment comes from investing in the people and things that matter to you.” Luckcuck added, “Your time is the most valuable thing you have. I’ve chosen to focus on things that make me happy like being a TA for the Excel program, giving tours of Scheller with the Scheller Business Ambassadors and being involved in Alpha Chi Omega.”

For additional information on Rachel and Francis, see the Daily Digest article, December 4, 2019.

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