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Dean Alavi Represents Georgia Tech Faculty at President ´Angel Cabrera’s Investiture Ceremony

Dean Alavi at President Cabrera's Investiture Ceremony

Dean Alavi at President Cabrera's Investiture Ceremony

Scheller College of Business’ Dean Maryam Alavi had the distinct honor of welcoming incoming Georgia Tech President Dr. Ángel Cabrera on behalf of all faculty at the October 28th Investiture Ceremony for Dr. Cabrera; ushering in a new chapter of Georgia Tech leadership.

Dean Alavi was one of four speaker representatives for the Institute’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni at the ceremony.  The Investiture also included venerated attendees from higher education as well as officials from state and federal government.

The role of leadership played a major theme in Alavi’s welcoming speech. Referring to Dr. Cabrera’s book Being Global: How to Think, Act, and Lead in a Transformed World, she remarked that while she stood to offer words of wisdom, she felt challenged to do so for the person who wrote the preeminent book on leadership. She addressed the key traits of a leader including having clear values, an inspirational vision, and a strategy that engages people.

“Leaders must be ambidextrous,” Alavi stated. Leaders require “discipline, efficiency, and focus to execute strategy while remaining agile, innovative, and flexible.”

Alavi also observed that Georgia Tech is full of talent, ideas, and inventors and spoke of Dr. Cabrera’s willingness to take on challenges and opportunities.

“You’re all in,” she said addressing the incoming President. “And we’re all in with you.”  

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