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CBS This Morning Features Scheller College’s Peter Swire in Story on Genetic Testing

CBS This Morning features Scheller College’s Peter Swire in story on genetic testing.
Professor Peter Swire

Privacy expert and Scheller College of Business Professor Peter Swire.

CBS This Morning aired a story on genetic testing that included Scheller College’s Peter Swire discussing privacy issues surrounding increasingly popular at-home genetic testing kits. Many wonder what genetic-testing companies – such as 23andMe and Ancestry -- do with consumer data beyond genetic and health assessments.

Swire, a privacy expert, notes that just one breach would be hard to fix. "If you have your credit card stolen, you cancel it and get a new credit card in two days," he said. "If your DNA gets revealed to the world or to the hacker, it's really hard to get new DNA. It just doesn't happen."

View the complete segment “Woman discovers shocking family truths after at-home DNA test: 'I literally started crying'" on the CBS News webstite. 

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