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September’s Sky magazine Showcases Scheller College’s Innovation

September Edition of Sky Magazine

September Edition of Sky Magazine

The September issue of Delta Air Lines' Sky Magazine features Scheller College of Business in an in-depth business education story titled "Accelerating Success - the days of the cookie-cutter entrepreneur are over. Incubators, accelerators and business education programs are stepping up to provide new paths for diverse startups."

With innovation as its focal point, the article highlights Scheller College’s interdisciplinary innovation programs including Denning Technology & Management and TI:GER (Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results).

Academic and executive director of TI:GER Jonathan Giuliano notes in the article,  "We try to help students develop the knowledge that they could use with entrepreneurial activities, whether it’s a startup or whether it’s corporate innovation."

This article highlights Scheller College’s unique positioning at the intersection of business and technology and provides strong brand awareness and exposure. To learn more, read the Sky article.

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