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Scheller College of Business Hosts Part Three of Digital Disruption Series

Scheller College hosted Digital Disruption focused on retail.

Scheller College hosted Digital Disruption focused on retail.

Part three of the Digital Disruption series explored how digital innovations in strategy, customer experience design, advanced customer analytics, omni-channel campaigns, and e-commerce are transforming the customer journey and creating compelling customer experiences.

Scheller College Dean Maryam Alavi moderated the discussion which included panelists Tony Drummond, Vice President of Client Experience, Cox Automotive; Jeannine Falcone, North America Marketing Lead, Accenture Interactive; and Scheller College’s Frank Rothaermel, Professor of Strategy & Innovation.

Each provided insight into the ways companies are driving revenue, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, as well as enhancing brand equity and customer engagement.

“No matter what business you’re in, all organizations have the same theme when they begin: to create value for the customer,” Drummond said. “We are in the business of creating value for customers, and your role is to adapt to customer experiences.”

Rothaermel continued, “Keep in mind that a mission statement is not a strategy. The most important aspect of strategy and innovation in the customer experience is to identify who you are, what you provide, and define your plan of action for the customer.”

“Deliver the right message at the right time with the right response,” said Falcone. “Brand has become a two-way experience and it is crucial that everyone on board understands that each person in the organization has a particular role in providing the customer the best experience.”

Dean Alavi concluded the series with, “Ask the right questions. Measure the right parameters. With measurable data, you ensure value for the customer.”

The Digital Disruption series, co-sponsored by Scheller College and Accenture Digital focuses on the ever-changing trends in today’s digital arena and examines ways successful organizations and managers embrace technological advances and leverage opportunities to accelerate innovation, create value, and build the workforce of the future. The next panel discussion in the Digital Disruption discussion will take place April 2019.

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