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Scheller Alumnus Lucien de Voux Shares How He Keeps Up-To-Date in His Industry

MBA Class of 2014 alumnus Lucien de Voux

MBA Class of 2014 alumnus Lucien de Voux

Written by: Ashwini Jagtap, MBA 2018

MBA Class of 2014 alumnus Lucien de Voux, Director of Market Planning at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, finds it extremely important to keep abreast of industry trends and funding in the private equity markets. Actually, it’s critical for his job. “My role allows me to ideate new products and marketing strategies,” he shared, “to help serve a diverse set of companies in FinTech, eCommerce, and sharing economy.”

Lucien joined the Management Associate Program at LexisNexis Risk Solutions after graduating with his MBA. He spent 18 months rotating through different business units before accepting and assuming his current role. At LexisNexis, an organization built primarily on serving large, well-established financial institutions, the new markets that Lucien serves often present some intricate challenges.

“We operate in a highly-regulated environment, and building new products for emerging business models has me working very closely with our legal and compliance teams,” he said. “This can add complexity and restrictions on how we solve our customers’ problems, which forces me to be resourceful and explore unorthodox strategies.”

This means looking beyond traditional methods to keep up with industry trends. “One platform I have found surprisingly beneficial is Twitter since many of the thought leaders I engage with use this medium to share their thoughts,” he added.

Lucien also follows several podcasts. His favorites? Breaking Banks, Marketplace, and London FinTech. He regularly attends industry conferences, and he recently spoke at several fintech-related conferences such as LendIt, K(NO)W, VRMA Eastern & Western, Lend360, and Finovate.

Additionally, Lucien stays abreast of challenges and innovations in his field by connecting with the industry within his local community, including actively engaging with Atlanta accelerator programs and incubators and serving on the One World Identity Financial Services and Payments Working Group, which works to connect the organizations at the crossroads of the digital identity revolution.

For Lucien, staying informed is an important part of developing his career, which is guided by advice he received early in his career: “Managing your career is different from managing your workload. Considering these as two distinct activities has allowed me to put in the necessary work to network and develop myself independently from my day-to-day workload.”

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