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Scheller College Continues LifeLong Learning Webinars with Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin

Adding to its already successful LifeLong Learning series, Scheller College of Business recently hosted a LifeLong Learning webinar for MBA alumni. The webinar, hosted by Professor Eric Overby, discussed the origin of blockchain technology, its role as a transaction ledger for Bitcoin, and the future of blockchain applications.

Throughout the session, Overby noted that the blockchain method is a decentralized, distributed ledger that maintains a permanent and tamper-proof record of transactional data, a method that Bitcoin capitalized on to become the world’s first completely decentralized digital payment system.

The Bitcoin solution to traditional transactions provides a faster, more efficient process by adding a trusted intermediary when processing payments, eliminating the double spending problem and third-party charge fees. With each Bitcoin value having its own code, the process also provides better asset tracking with Bitcoin miners assessing the whereabouts of each transaction.

As Bitcoin is poised to alter the world as profoundly and permanently as the World Wide Web did just a quarter of a century ago, Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, College of Computing, and College of Engineering are working together to enhance and extend blockchain technology, as well as formulate real world uses for it.

Atlanta sees roughly 70 percent of U.S. financial transactions travel throughout the city. Maintaining relevancy for such a vital piece of the finance and technology world is crucial. “Providing ongoing learning opportunities is an integral component in reaching MBA alumni in the Atlanta area and around the world,” said Saby Mitra, Associate Dean of Programs. “Taking advantage of the webinar series is an excellent way to build on the foundation of an already exceptional education”.

About LifeLong Learning

Recognizing that educational journeys do not end once classes finish and students earn their degree, Scheller College developed LifeLong Learning. This series of events provides an opportunity for alumni to stay connected, continue to grow their skills and remain abreast of current business topics and issues. This program seeks to offer engaging topics, speakers, and information to support our alumni’s quest for information as they continue on their lifelong educational journey. The next LifeLong Learning event will take place at Scheller College October 11 at 6pm featuring Professor Steve Salbu.

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