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First-Generation Graduate Iree Sinkle Reflects on Scheller College Experience

Iree Sinkle, first-generation college graduate

Iree Sinkle, first-generation college graduate

Even though he grew up in a household with parents who never attended a four-year university, Iree Sinkle knew he wanted to go to college from the time he was 4 years old. Now, graduating from one of the nation's leading public universities, his mother credits him with having "changed our family line forever."

Iree started at Georgia Tech as a biomedical engineering student, but soon switched interests to business. With a penchant for number crunching, he pursued at Finance major and found his own path in Scheller College. As a first-generation student, Iree attributes his undergraduate success to his initiative and resourcefulness. “You don’t have your family to tell you all these tiny things; you have to work at it yourself,” he said. Despite the challenge of navigating college life, Iree didn’t feel alone: “I realized that every time I changed my mind or tweaked my vision a little bit, people were always there to support me, so I wasn’t afraid to edit my future.”

Iree advises other first-generation students to get out of their comfort zone by taking advantage of all the classes and clubs they can choose from. Iree stated, “I think people should love being in an uncomfortable space because that’s where you learn.”

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